The Core XII - Full Catalog Promotion!

Get the entire Core XII catalog, heftily discounted and in a neat promotional package! Hours and hours of original and unique D&D content: optional rules, monsters, magic items, quests, feats, spells, settings, lore... 

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This promotion includes our CORE XII sourcebooks, or about 1000+ pages of D&D content for you to explore! Specifically, it contains the following products:

- The Ichorous Peninsula: Remastered Edition

- The Citadel of Radiance: Deluxe Edition

- The Soulfrost Expanse: Deluxe Edition

- The Molten Crucible: Deluxe Edition

- The Nova Cluster: Deluxe Edition

- The Rippling East: Deluxe Edition

- The Library of Underside: Deluxe Edition

- Allfather's Ink: Deluxe Edition

- The Last Bastion: Deluxe Edition

- The Emerald Crown: Deluxe Edition

- The Tectonic Netherdepths: Deluxe Edition

- The City of Strings: Deluxe Edition

- Ariadne's SRD v.1.0

$79.99 $250.00