Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for paying products made by Ariadne's Codex of Strings can be found at detail inside any of our products, in the first page after the cover. Most of our Artwork is generated by Midjourney Inc. Some pieces, notably the entirety of Allfather's Ink, our January 2024 entry, are made by Kim Diaz Holm. You can find his art, licensed under Free Use, here on his website.

As far as free releases are concerned, you can use them in any way for non-commercial ventures, but may not reproduce its content otherwise. 

The names Runo Fylsworth, Ariadne Stringweaver, Guilliam Fallow, City of Strings, Codex of Strings, and all other original names published in our website, releases and Patreon page, are considered Brand Identity, and may not be reproduced commercially without explicit permission.